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New Year Gift From Nokia! :)

Just received Nokia Lumia 800

well no comments about WP7 before trying it :)
wonderful build quality.

N9 - Nokia's answer to iPhone?

If you're following smartphone industry then you'd have come across Nokia's N9 with Harmattan OS. Nokia showcased N9 in June and should be out in market next month. Unfortunately Nokia has said they'll be focusing completely on Windows Phone going forward and so even if N9 is a success they won't release a successor with Harmattan.

Nokia N9 comes with a fundamentally different UX, it's an all screen phone with no buttons and an awesome camera. Body is designed in a completely different way and it looks awesome! I've been a huge fan of Symbian so far but I understand the changing landscape and Symbian definitely lags in terms of hardware support and UX. However, looking at current state of Android, Blackberry and iPhone, N9 definitely looks promising. I really wish Nokia change their stance on N9 or at least brings N9 UX on WP.

Look at N9 commercial and let me know what you think about Nokia N9.

Meego Harmattan Web Browser (N950)

I'll will add more screenshots soon.

Koza - English to Gujarati Dictionary for Smart Phones

Nokia N950 Developer Device

I was desperately waiting for N950 and finally it arrived. I'm yet to get my hands on it as it was shipped to my hometown but anyway I got some pics from home.
so here is my N9 Dev Kit:
Thank you Nokia & DHL :)
can't stop my self from looking at this pic!

Looks awesome! A perfect device for geeks There are somethings which money can't buy, for everything else we've got visa/master or whatever cards :P
That's all, can't wait to post my experience with this device and ya, keep checking this space for updates on my projects for Meego.

Control VLC over HTTP

VLC Player offers something called VLC HTTP Interface, enabling it will allow you to control VLC Player from any web browser/mobile VLC Remote App.

1. Start VLC, Go to Tools -> Preferences. 2. Select "All" under "Show Settings" in bottom left corner. 3. Click on Main Interfaces -> Select HTTP remote control interface

4. Finally Click "Save" and restart your VLC Player.
you can access the player from any web browser by entering http://[ip address]: [port] e.g. http://127.0.01:8080
I hope you find this help ful