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iOS Notifications with ANCS Bluetooth Low Energy Profile.

So I got my hands on this TI CC2540 development board, which is a Bluetooth Low Energy boarding with MCU running OSAL. I was reading about BLE profiles and came across a profile called ANCS Bluetooth profile. ANCS stands for Apple Notification Center Service, this profile allows you to subscribe to notifications on iOS devices.

I came across interesting demo on Github repo which shows Mac working as BLE peripheral device and iOS working as BLE central device. This app shows how you can subscribe to notifications on iOS device and show them on your Mac. I'm a big fan of Pebble Watch which uses same profile to show notifications on watch via BLE.

Having a development board like CC2540 allowed me to build a very simple custom firmware which would have a ANCS profile and LEDs on board reacting to notifications. It turns out that that there's amazing blog with explain how to implement this in details

Introducing Kito (formerly Wello)!

I'm fortunate to be part of team unveiling Kito (formerly Wello) at SXSW 2012, I've been working hard along with my team on this for last few months and it feels so good to finally show it to the world. Kito is health tracker device which is in form of a smartphone case, it talks to the phone using Bluetooth Low Energy and has its own battery which can last couple of months on a single charge.

It was a very hectic week with all of us working around the clock on setting up pre-order website and preparing for launch. I went to Delhi for a local release event before heading towards Austin. By the time I left for Austin, Kito launch was covered all major tech publications, below is list of few links which covers Kito launch
engadget - 'Wello' iPhone case can track your blood pressure, temperature and morePocketNow - “Wello” case tracks your health with your current iPhoneMacrumors - Azoi Unveils 'Wello' Health Tracking Case for iPhoneTechcrunch - Hands On With Well…

How will Samsung succeed where Nokia failed?

Anyone who's following Tizen project knows developing apps is mostly using HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. While I like the idea of HTML apps on mobile and all the portability advantages of it, what I don't like is how limited access you have when it comes to build apps which are CPU intensive. In general, it doesn't give a good UX and it feels sluggish in comparison to BB10 Qt/QML, iOS with Swift, heck even Android with Java is better.

Looks like every new platform wants to quickly gain maximum app developers, due to which they end target people who are familiar with web technologies. With BB10's fluid UI and good set of native apps, they are struggling to survive, and then there is Jolla Sailfish (by ex-Nokia team) which looks like more of a hobby project. 
As a developer, having experienced Tizen OS (which is no different in terms of features than Android) I see no reason to believe Tizen to succeed where Nokia & Blackberry failed. Which is bringing high end apps …