iOS Notifications with ANCS Bluetooth Low Energy Profile.

So I got my hands on this TI CC2540 development board, which is a Bluetooth Low Energy boarding with MCU running OSAL. I was reading about BLE profiles and came across a profile called ANCS Bluetooth profile. ANCS stands for Apple Notification Center Service, this profile allows you to subscribe to notifications on iOS devices.

I came across interesting demo on Github repo which shows Mac working as BLE peripheral device and iOS working as BLE central device. This app shows how you can subscribe to notifications on iOS device and show them on your Mac. I'm a big fan of Pebble Watch which uses same profile to show notifications on watch via BLE.

Having a development board like CC2540 allowed me to build a very simple custom firmware which would have a ANCS profile and LEDs on board reacting to notifications. It turns out that that there's amazing blog with explain how to implement this in details