How will Samsung succeed where Nokia failed?

Anyone who's following Tizen project knows developing apps is mostly using HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. While I like the idea of HTML apps on mobile and all the portability advantages of it, what I don't like is how limited access you have when it comes to build apps which are CPU intensive. In general, it doesn't give a good UX and it feels sluggish in comparison to BB10 Qt/QML, iOS with Swift, heck even Android with Java is better.

Looks like every new platform wants to quickly gain maximum app developers, due to which they end target people who are familiar with web technologies. With BB10's fluid UI and good set of native apps, they are struggling to survive, and then there is Jolla Sailfish (by ex-Nokia team) which looks like more of a hobby project. 

As a developer, having experienced Tizen OS (which is no different in terms of features than Android) I see no reason to believe Tizen to succeed where Nokia & Blackberry failed. Which is bringing high end apps on the platform.