Ubuntu Touch SDK, Core Apps & Mac OSX

I have started working on Ubuntu Touch core apps, this involves using Ubuntu UI Toolkit which is basically QML Components designed for Ubuntu Touch OS. Unfortunately Ubuntu UI Toolkit is not available for Mac OS. In order to develop Ubuntu Touch core apps I have to get Ubuntu UI components running on Mac.

So this has shifted my focus from Ubuntu Touch core apps to ubuntu ui sdk. Once I get it, I can start working on Ubuntu Touch core apps.

Coming back to the SDK, it is a straightforward package which contains QML building block for application developers. Now compiling this on Mac should not be diffcult.

I have identified following dependencies causing compilation to fail.


This is the first error message i got when trying to compile Ubuntu UI Toolkit.
it says Unknown Module : dbus  when I run QMake.

I have no clue why this is coming, as I think I have qtdbus installed. will come back to this point once I have a solution

libintl includes:

Ubuntu Touch SDK seems to be using libintl package for internationalization, hunting down this dependency was quite easy.

just download and this libintl package from



It also uses glib/gio library, installing the library is very simple as it's available on HomeBrew.

brew install glib

added include dirs

So I think once I get the dbus module for qt5, SDK should compile fine unless some other dependencies are missing.


Ashish Patil said…
Ravi is the problem resolved. What was the resolution. If you can provide the steps.
Ravi Vagadia said…
Still stuck at dbus error.