Amarok 2 screenshot peview! :)

Added some Amarok on windows screenshots :)

For those who don't know about Amarok, Amarok 2 is the free cross platform music player, with support for album art, lyrics, Wikipedia and integration.

Amarok 2 is not out yet as it is going to be released with KDE 4.2 sometime in January 2009 before KDE 4.2 :) in 1 to 3 months, Amarok team released beta 2 few days ago, Amarok 2 is cross platform i.e. available for Mac, Windows & Linux (:D). As my Arch installation was screwed up so I'm on Kubuntu, they have a nice repository to try nightly builds of Amarok/KDE4 (project neon), following screenshots are bit old as they are taken from my Arch Installation.

It supports integration, Jamendo, Magnatune, Shoutcast Radio service,Mp3tune service etc...

the best feature I like about Amarok2 is Dynamic Playlist.

for collection and statistics it uses MySQL embedded

Lyrics script fetches lyrics as soon as you play the song

Internet Services:


Dynamic Playlists:

About Amarok ;P

Amarok2 on Windows

working pretty good, no problems encountered so far.. taking in mind the beta state of this software, it works very well!

Using Oxygen style

surely it lacks many features compared to Amarok 1.4 but Amarok 2 looks promising and there are many unique features that makes Amarok 2 users special ;)


nightrose said…
Thank you very much for the nice review. We are doing our best to make Amarok 2 the best piece of software out there and reading nice reviews certainly helps us stay motivated :)

Just a small correction: We are releasing independent of the main KDE programs. This means we are very likely to publish Amarok 2.0 before KDE 4.2. Likely sometime in the next 1 to 3 months.

Lydia, Amarok community manager
HyperDUDe said…
thx for your comment nightrose, i've corrected that part :) just cant wait for final release!! once again thx for the best music player out there!! just cant live without Amarok :P
Rajat said…
How much memory is it taking on your machine, right now?
Ravi Vagadia said…
on windows it takes around 38 mb, on linux its around 42 mb
ggrabler said…
You actually succeeded breaking Arch?
I couldn't in the past 5 years now.

Anyway, a nice preview. I always used to like JuK better, and probably also will in the future. Amarok is a great project, it just has so many features that I get confused using it.

But with Amarok2 closing it's release, it's probably time to take a look again. The last version I had was simply not usable at all (due to the reason that it didn't even start - what's quite a while ago).